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Church Sound Systems

The sound system at your church is a vital—though often unseen—part of your ministry. If everything
is working well, no one even notices it. But if something goes wrong—watch out! That could be all
people remember after an otherwise great service.

Although the sound system plays an important supporting role in church services, many churches find
themselves depending on the world to make decisions about what equipment is best for their needs.
Then the church depends on willing—but untrained—volunteers to use the equipment. This leaves the
church with a pile of equipment that is not used properly, and the message of God’s Word still does not
go out effectively.

As a broadcast engineer working with his own local church sound system, came face to face
with these problems when his church moved into a different building and he needed to train others
to use the audio/video equipment. He became burdened to help local churches with their audio/video
ministries, and in 2004 Greenville Media was begun.

Greenville Media would like to help your church put forth the message of God’s Word. Our role is to
support your church sound system personnel in both purchasing and using audio video equipment. Our
goals include:

Training your sound system team to effectively use the equipment your church currently owns.

Keeping your sound system team up to date on relevant information in audio/video technology and how it effects their ministry to your church.

Providing technical support to your sound system team anytime they need it.

Here are some of the most common questions we help with:

why and how to start cd or tape ministry
training for church sound
training for sound equipment operator for church
start up kit for video ministry
powerpoint training on church sound systems
media ministry startup
learning the basics about church sound systems
learn how to set up a sound system in a church
how to run a profitable cd ministry
how to eliminate feedback in a church
how to get clear sound from church system

Please feel free to call us at: (864)-325-2781.

We look forward to building a relationship with your church!

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