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Microsoft PowerPoint (Level 1)

An introduction for the first-time Windows PowerPoint user, this class focuses on PowerPoint basics, creating a new presentation, and running a new presentation. PowerPoint provides the tools necessary to create and organize information into powerful visual presentations.

HTML Basics

Have you ever wondered how web pages work? In this class you will design a web page, add images, create links to pages, learn basic styles, and create e-mail links. Learn the basics before designing your own website.

Microsoft Paint

Pictures made simple: In this class you will learn the basics of how to use Microsoft Paint. Learn how to create, edit, and save digital images from digital cameras and scanners. Also learn how to use Microsoft Paint to draw and paint on a computer and save it as a digital image.

Microsoft PowerPoint (Level 2)

This class takes your basic PowerPoint skills to a new level, creating animated transitions, adding audio and video to your presentation, and converting your presentation for use on the web or in DVD formats. PowerPoint makes putting together presentations fun and enjoyable for all ages.

HTML Advanced

Do you need help making your own family or business web site? In this class you will create a domain name, set up a hosting service, place your home page on your web site, learn about updating your web site, and check your site’s hits. Basic html skills are required for this class, and price includes your new domain name and hosting service.

Computers and Kids

HTML isn't just for adults--it's for kids, too! Come learn about how your computer works, and leave with your own personalized webpage--that you made from scratch! You'll amaze your friends and have the tools to continue developing your web creativity!

Church Sound System Basics

This class is an introduction to being an effective sound system operator at your church. We’ll discuss how sound works, what each piece of equipment does, and how to eliminate feedback and other common problems.

Church Sound Systems: Building a Sound Ministry Team

Do your sound system operators ever get to actually listen to the sermon? Do you find out the special program five minutes before the service? Come discuss ways to make your sound system team prepared, efficient, and able to have opportunities to worship.

Church Sound Systems: Selecting the Right Speakers

What kinds of speakers are most effective for your church? Come learn the pros and cons of line arrays and speaker clusters, and find out how to decide what kind of speakers are best for your church. We will also discuss the best placement for your speakers.

How to Equalize your Sound System

Why spend more money on your sound system when all it need is an alignment?
This class will cover the design of mixer boards, setting up limiters, and maximizing your equalizer. Learn how to test your speakers for an even, clear sound for your service.

Church Sound Systems: Video Projectors

Thinking about buying a projector? This class will take the guess work out of deciding which projector is best for you. From church auditoriums to small business projectors if you have ever thought about buying a project this class will save you time and money. The discussion will include projector brightness, software options, and camera basics.

Converting Your Sound System to CDs

Are you thinking of offering your church services on CDs? Does it sound like a good--but expensive--idea? Think again! CD duplication can actually be cheaper and more time effective than tape duplication. This class will give you simple ways and provide special pricing on your equipment needs. Duplication will be covered with a live demonstration.

Recording your sermons onto DVD’s

Looking for a cost effective way to record video? Do you want to submit videos of your services to your local cable channels? This class will point out what is available and what will work best with your needs. Discussion will include cameras, video switchers, recorders, duplicators, and video editing software. DVD creation will be demonstrated.

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