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360 Systems
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360 Systems

360 Systems’ focus is new technology for the broadcast, entertainment and Pro-AV industries. From the 1970s, new semiconductor and software developments enabled a wealth of creative tools for these markets. 360 Systems’ role is the design of advanced products requested by our creative customers. As the tech era continues, these remain the best of times to be in this industry.

360 Systems new MAXX™ High Definition servers include large multi-channel models with high storage capacity, and affordable three-channel servers for mid-markets and Pro AV.

The mission of 360 System's Video Division is to deliver high-value DTV products that have significantly greater capabilities, and much lower costs.

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MAXX-2020 Reference Recorder
MAXX-2400 HD Broadcast Server
MAXX-1200 HD Broadcast Server
2470-HD Time Delay
MAXX-2400 Broadcast Server
MAXX-500/1000 Broadcast Server
2470-SD Time Delay
Digicart/E Audio Server
Instant Replay 2
Short/Cut 2000
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Broadcast Servers
HD Video Servers
SD Video Servers

Image Servers
Audio Servers
Reference Recorders
HD Time Delay
SD Time Delay
Instant Replay

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